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Let us help you


    “The number one reason tenants renew leases is because of good maintenance. The number one reason they leave is poor maintenance responsiveness. Maintenance is also the number one area where you can lose control of your expenses on a property over the years.”

    – Bryan M. Chavis

    At Real Search, we take all aspects related to maintenance into consideration and we strive to provide the highest quality services using the most advanced means to guarantee an enjoyable living experience for our tenants and a hassle free experience for our owners. Our versatile maintenance services aim at keeping properties in the best condition which results in higher returns, comfort, and cost effectiveness.

    Our maintenance team comprising of 30 members are highly trained in the fields of carpentry, plumbing, electricity works, painting, and air conditioning services. Also, the team spirit is the basis of their work.

    We also provide additional services like Annual Maintenance Contracts for air conditioning units while in turn will increase the efficiency of the air conditioning units, prolong their life span and reduce usage expenses…

    The maintenance department is supported by a fully equipped, top of the lie call center teams that are responsibly attending all inquiry calls related to maintenance requests, and then transferring them to the concerned maintenance department and finally ending it with a follow up about the job completion. We are very proud to say that we are highly responsive to all our maintenance requests and we deal with each case as a high priority request.

    Apart from the corrective and preventative maintenance jobs performed by our team, we also give a special attention to the routine maintenance checks in all buildings and facilities to ensure smooth day to day operations and minimize any chances of damages or breakdowns. Our service include:




    We do all the corrective paint jobs needed in all units and facilities.



    All electrical and wiring jobs needed at the highest safety standards.



    Corrective and preventative plumbing jobs are completed by our team.



    All necessary carpentry jobs required in the residential units or within the common facilities areas are managed by our team.



    We provide air conditioning services and annual maintenance to guarantee the comfort of our tenants.

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