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    The Management

    Faisal Faqeeh

    In our quest to build long-term relationships with our clients and to provide top of the line after-sales services, we have established Real Search in 2014 to complement our integrated approach to the real estate property market and to ensure our high-standard benchmarks are met.

    As a subsidiary company to Bin Faqeeh Real Estate Investment Company, Real Search shares the same principles of being unique which have guided us to innovate and reshape the fundamentals of the property market. The company currently manages over 27 projects across the Kingdom of Bahrain and has proudly expanded its services to the region starting with the UAE in October 2020. We continue to implement the latest technological developments in our operations and strongly support continuous innovation and improvements as we believe that companies must embrace the continuous market changes and advancement.

    Armed with trust from our clients, and commitment from our employees, Real Search continues to grow with a focused vision to pave the way to the future of our ever-changing world.


    Abdulla Alawadhi

    “Since being found in 2014, Real Search has been able to set itself as a leader in property and building management in the Kingdom of Bahrain through its continuous attempts to provide everything new and exclusive to its customers, and its eagerness to guarantee the highest levels of luxury and comfort and maintain the best standards of efficiency and quality.

    Real Search offers a variety of professional property management and real estate related services that help ensure the success of investments for individuals and companies alike. We are always looking to provide the best Real Estate investment opportunities to our clients and to be part of their success stories.  We consider our clients part of our family and we strive to build long-term and fruitful relations with them.

    Real Search has always been keen to implement top quality standards by offering all available means and hiring a well-trained professional team to provide the best level of service.

    We, at Real Search, believe that investing in real estate is not limited to buying and selling, but rather it is a unique integrated experience that depends on several foundations, the most important of which is building a long-term relationships with clients through providing a high level of services and factors that guarantee the success of this experience.

    We accept nothing but excellence when we are providing our services and we work hard to ensure tenants in all our properties enjoy a comfortable and unique experience and guarantee the owners get the best returns out of their real estate investments.  Our comprehensive services guarantee the satisfaction of all our clients and we made sure we have a variety of open communication channels to guarantee all our clients’ needs are met.

    Our success story continues to grow, and we were very happy to launch the first branch of the company in the Region starting in the United Arab Emirates.  We look forward to expanding and bring our experience and know how to more countries in the GCC very soon.”


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