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    Property Management

    At Real Search, we proudly present top of the line comprehensive property management services to provide our tenants the best living experiences along with a reliable investment experience for our owners. We provide all required services to our tenants and owners. Some of our services are handling daily operations of the properties, collecting rents, finding reliable tenants to occupy vacant units, maintaining safe and comfortable living environments. We are totally aware of the challenges of property management, but we are up for these challenges. Our team is well equipped to address the needs of our clients promptly and efficiently.

    As we believe in technology and quality, we utilize the best available tools and systems to guarantee our work is perfectly accomplished with timely and effective communication with our clients.

    Our experienced team of specialists is primed to assess the property management requirements and needs and customize them to guarantee the best returns and enjoyable living experiences. We at Real Search work hard to raise the standards of the property management industry. For this reason, we constantly abide with solid policies and procedures with high integrity. With many years of experience, we have created a reliable and an effective model to help investors get the best returns on their investments, providing our tenants with memorable living experiences.




    Regardless of your furnishing style or budget, we have got you covered! Real Search team chooses furniture having in mind the best utility of spaces ensuring full comfort and practicality. We choose our furniture suppliers precisely to maintain meeting our clients’ expectations and deliver the highest quality furniture with best possible rates.



    Real Search is committed to delivering the highest standards of service and to maintaining all the properties managed at the best condition to guarantee the health and safety of the residents as well as the best returns on our clients’ real estate investments. We are proud to have a big, qualified team of technical experts that provide the best maintenance services. Our service ranges from plumbing to carpentry, electrical works, and AC service as well as others. The maintenance department is supported by a a highly advanced call center that is ready to take all maintenance related inquiries and requests and following up on them until the necessary job is complete.



    We provide all residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning service in an environmentally sound, completely trustworthy, and professional manner. Our services include internal and external building cleaning, housekeeping and sanitization services using the highest quality of products and based on highest standards of safety and privacy. Our qualified team undergoes continuous training and regular health checks to guarantee the safety and comfort of everyone.



    We ensure that all lease, sale, and property management contracts meet all the required standards along with implementing management contracts that guarantee accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

    In addition, we have a certified team that takes responsibility in handling all administrative and fiscal duties related to the formation and running of Home Owners Associations. This includes board election, association’s registration, preparation of by-laws and Home Owners Guide as we as Financial Management Services including Association’s account, preparation of Service Charge reviews and budgets, service charge collection and depositing in addition to invoicing, budgeting and other financial related matters. In addition we handle matters related to administration and home owners association minutes of meeting distribution.

    Our services also extend to cover obtaining necessary licenses, liaising with the notary and other governmental authorities, arranging insurance valuations, and preparing insurance claims as well as other supporting roles to guarantee all needs are met.



    We consider the safety and comfort of our tenants a top priority. Accordingly, we offer selective properties that offer security and we take it as our responsibility to access, monitor, and regulate these properties at all times. At Real Search, we are glad to announce that we equipped our security team with the best skills and technology tools for a better security services to our tenants.



    We offer a full range of financial services related to property management. Beginning with utility bills to rent collections. We act on behalf of you to provide you with hassle free investments. Our financial reports are created a friendly manner to ensure easy comprehension of our clients. Transparency with clients is our KEY!

    A full time finance team is available to address all our clients’ queries and concerns!

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